First of May Eve

In many parts of Sweden the First of May Eve celebrations with bonfires and fireworks are an important and enjoyable tradition and the company is one of Sweden's largest suppliers of First of May Eve fireworks to municipalities and associations.

The company has a broad range of fireworks in different price classes but also willingly assists in the special design of your fireworks or why not specially design your own display - something which many people do after they have seen our VIP-DEMO.


Our highly appreciated VIP-DEMO that is primarily intended for associations having fireworks displays on First of May Eve, will this year be held on Sunday the 10th of April at 20.00 hrs and will be the twentieth year in succession that we hold this very enjoyable event.

We welcome both new and old customers and you as a previous customer will receive a special invitation in March. If you are not a previous customer but are interested in an invitation, please contact the company and we will send you one, telephone: 0474-31013.

On this page you can also download the test protocol that applies to VIP-DEMO 2016.

Here you can download the latest DEMO-protocol (PDF document).

Valborg Braås 04 - Flying crowns Valborg Braås 04 - Mats S and Johan S Valborg Braås 04 - Raft cabin with launch devices Valborg Växjö 04 - Andreas Strömgren o Rickard Axelsson Valborg Växjö 04 - Rickard o Andreas Johan 30 april 05 at the roof big with big cakes Johan and Mats 30 april 05 3-4 and 6 inch back Mats 30 april 05 back Johan 30 april 05 Spinning Water 4 inch Johan and Max 30 april 05 before towing Max and Johan Vaxjo 30 april 05 before towing Max and Jonas Vaxjo 30 april 05 before towing Max during towing Vaxjo 30 april 05 Johan as boat driver Vaxjo 30 april 05 Max with cars Vaxjo 30 april 2005 The raft in position at the lake Vaxjo 30 april 05 Aseda 06 Fridafors 06 Klavestrom 06 Lidnäs 06 Markaryd 06 Sölvesborg 06 Krut o Robin Folkesson 06 Houseboat with 3,4 and 6 inch bombs 30 april 06 The raft with bombs 30 April 06 The sundeck with cakes 30 April 06 Johan and Simon in Vaxjo 30 April 06 VIP DEMO 07 Johan och Rasmus Simon and Robin 30 april 07 Simon and Robin pic 2 30 aprl 07 Johan S 30 april 07 Mats 30 april 07 Erik, Johan and Rasmus Vaxjo 30 april 07 Johan, erik and Rasmus Vaxjo 30 april 07 Valborg 2007 008 Valborg 09 004 Valborg 09 012 Valborg 09 011 Valborg 09 007 Valborg 09 006 Valborg 09 002 Valborg 09 001 P4300005 P4300007 P4300008 P4300009 P4300010 P4300011 P5010014 P4170001 P4170002 P4170003 P4170004 P4170005 P4170006 P4170007 P4170008 P4170009 P4170010 P4300001 P4300002 P4300003 P4300004 P4300005 P4300006 P4300007 P4300008 P4300009 P4300011 P4300013