Important information to customers of PYRO Smålands Krutbruk AB

It is with great sadness we inform you that one of Sweden's greatest pyrotechnicians and entrepreneurs has left us. Jonas Grahn passed away on January 16th after a short illness.

Despite intensive treatments, Jonas kept working hard for what he cared about most, as an entrepreneur and innovator. We remember a tenacious man with a zest for life, positive and with a big heart.

The company is still active, but unfortunately we are currently unable to accept new orders, as there is no one running the business. There is however a small supply of consumer fireworks for sale.

PYRO Smålands Krutbruk AB —™ — is Scandinavia’s leading manufacturer of pyrotechnical special effects. The company’s pyrotechnics are used for both civil and military purposes.

The company also imports and sells consumer fireworks to the public and has specially designed service events around the eve of May Day and New Year.

The company also has qualified and licensed course programmes and can tailor pyrotechnics to the customer’s requirements. Entry to the premises during training activities and film recordings is also a part of the operations.