The Canon

The canon is very useful for different types of cultural and ceremonious occasions. We have three different basic themes with the canon at different price levels.

Private firings

Suitable for weddings, celebration days or company inaugurations. The canon can be fired by an accompanying canon officer or by yourselves after a brief instruction. Accompanying officer in Carolean uniform or Krutbruket’s own uniform m/90.

This is the cheapest alternative and costs one person. Normally a shot consisting of 200 grams black powder that gives a violent bang in all environments. Police permission is required in public places. A permit is applied for according to the law of order.

Can be fired indoors with smoke-free powder but it can be physically difficult to get the canon into certain places.

Quotation free-of-charge on request.

Canon crew

One officer and two cadets are responsible for the firing and charging. The crew has the Krutbruket’s uniform m/90 without shiny weapons. Three shots at 30 second intervals.

Only one shot can be fired indoors with smoke-free powder. A more expensive alternative but well worth the extra.

Quotation free-of-charge on request.

Canon crew – type Pirate

An alternative that is suitable as a surprise at larger parties as an own program item.

Here the crew consists of an older pirate captain and two young, light and agile pirate cadets who carry out a few aerobatics in contemporary pirate dress. They roar and shout awesomely and fire contemporary pistols and wave swords. They can blow flames on request.

As an alternative – a pirate attack by young, tough commando soldiers firing automatic salvos with automatic rifles and splitter-free/smoke-free loose special ammunition with powerful bangs.

Here, for example, one of the guests could be temporarily ”kidnapped” and a shorter release negotiation can be started to the delight of the frightened guests. The event is concluded by further automatic salvos and a powerful smoke-free canon salute.

The pirate theme is best in large facilities indoors with close contact with the spectators. Pirate attacks can be arranged with or without the canon. The performance is arranged to music and lighting but is best with lighting and music. The performance takes about 2-3 minutes.

Quotation free-of-charge on request.

Caliber80 millimetres
Weight450 kilos
Length3 metres
Height1.2 metres
Valborg Finspång 05 Valborg Finspång  05 Alstom Göran Finspång Slott valborg 06 Kanonsalut Finspång Valborg 06) Art dep Gtb Sthlm A pic Jonas Utbult