Swedish Championships in Musical Fireworks

The competition, Swedish Fireworks Championships, was started in 1993 by the municipality of Norrköping and Leif Hallberg after an idea from the then Pyroproffs AB and Kim Mårtensen. The board of the Swedish Fireworks Championships in the first year included Leif Hallberg, Bert Ferin, Jonas Grahn and Kim Mårtensen. Jonas Grahn was elected to safety manager for the competition but also took part with his own fireworks team in the first year.

In 1998 Reine Adolfsson took over as safety manager and Reine has worked for Hansson Norabel and Smålands Krutbruk. Today Reine works for FOI, previously FOA (the Defence Research Agency) in Grindsjön.

In 2001 the competition was changed to the Swedish Championships in Musical Fireworks so that today all teams also display to music of one’s personal choice. Each team may have fireworks with a net weight of 140—170 kg and there is no time limit for the fireworks since the competition was changed to Musical Fireworks.

The jury consists of experts within art, drama and pictures but from 2002 there is also a public jury of 50 people and every evening the competitions follow the expert jury precisely. The competition is decided at the Motala river in central Norrköping with an extensive safety organization due to a very complicated firing site.

Swedish Fireworks Championships For Students

The very next year after the first competition, the Swedish Fireworks Championships, was held the then union chairman of Jönköping’s student union, Henrik Tällberg and his colleague Joakim Martinsson took the first step towards the start of a student competition in fireworks display. Jonas Grahn was asked if he would like to participate in some way and he of course accepted.

The first competition was held in 1994 and the cream of Jönköping’s public sat in the competition jury. At the same time a pyrotechnical committee was formed with the name KRUT and consisted of 100 % students. The student union functions as representative for Småland’s Krutbruk and the union also receives certain financial help from Krutbruket.

KRUT fires both large and small outdoor and indoor fireworks. On this page you can also click in on KRUT’s home page.

Swedish Championships in Musical Fireworks

Art no 289-30 SM 2007 Giovanni and Johan SM 2007 art no 274 3 m 1 s SM 2007 Giovanni SM 2007 45 pcs  4 inch with pyroclock delay SM 2007 Johan and Karl SM 2007 Johan S and Karl SM 2007 Mats SM 2007 Officer security Reine SM 2007 Public relation table SM 2007 Jonas SM 2007 Art no SKB 357 SM 2007 water fountains Giovanni and 3 m 1 sec Johan Jonas in the Sky Green effect Lobby Grand hotel The winter garden Art no 293 b P7230001 P7230002 P7230003 P7240005 P7240006 P7240007 P7250008 P8180001 P8180002 P8180003 P8180004 P8180005 P8180006 P8180008 P8170001 P8170002 P8170006 P8170007 P8170010

Swedish Fireworks Championships For Students

Chalmers crew  Student SM Sep 01 David Stenquist  and Anderas Bengtsson Sep 01 Joakim with Flying Wheel Sep 01 Jon create a delayfuse Sep 01 Karolin with igniter Sep 01 Karolin with Kamuro shells Sep 01 Krut crew picture Sep 01 Lulea boy Student SM Sep 01 Peter and Viktor Sep 01 BTU boy with water fountain Sep 04 BTU crew pizza dinner at the lake side Sep 04 BTU crew ready to launch Sep 04 BTU crew with racks Sep 04 BTU crew with rotating sun Sep 04 BTU crew with zinkbattery Sep 04 BTU Kay Winkelmann with flying Bees Sep 04 Chalmers boy with Flying Wheels Sep 04 Chalmers boy with Roman Candles Sep 04 Chalmers boy with zink battery Sep 04 Chalmers girl at the lake Munksjön Sep 04 Chalmers girl with al folie Sep 04 Johan Ahlstrom the General Sep 04 Krut boy with electrical cables Sep 04 Krut crew with art no 277 Sep 04 Krut crew with racks Sep 04 Krut crew with splitt box Sep 04 Lulea boy with front pyrotechnics Sep 04 Lulea boy with remote control Sep 04 KRUT 10 years celebration 1 KRUT 10 years celebration 2 KRUT 10 years celebration 3 KRUT 10 years celebration 4 KRUT 10 years celebration 5 KRUT 10 years celebration 6 KRUT 10 years celebration 7 KRUT 10 years celebration 8 KRUT 10 years celebration 9 KRUT 10 years celebration 10 4 inch mortars Chalmers boy Krut boy 1 Krut boy 2 Krut boy 3 Krut boy 4 Luleå 2007 Chalmers Launch area pic 1 Launch area pic 2 Front Bridge Before rain Chalmers grill party