The Houseboat

Autumn 2004, after three years in the sea, the company decided to rebuild the raft into a houseboat. The project was started during the autumn by transporting the raft to the northern area of Kruthuset and place it under a roof. The pontoons were to be lengthened three metres and these were ordered from Källreda plåt och smide. The current pontoons were cut and then the lengthening parts were joined by welding. For the inner- and outer walls, timbered wood was ordered from JK Trä in Herråkra. The outer walls and the roof were put up during the autumn.

In February 2005 the project was idle due to cold weather, but it was taken up again in March. The houseboat was now beginning to get its shape and a lot of work was done during March through April. The launch was made April 27th 2005. On board there are conviniences such as four beds, sauna using wood for heating, shower with hot water, toilette, gas stove and refrigerator, saloon and a sun deck.

The houseboat along with two crew men can be rented at a cost of 5000 SEK (tax not included, minimum 5 hours) for an excursion on the lake Örken. Barbeque equipment is available aboard, so why not catch your own fish and then prepare the catch? In case of bad weather there is always the option of sitting indoors in the cosy wood heated saloon. Recommended maximum is 15 people. If you have got any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Material- and transporting costs 350 000 SEK (tax not included)
Working costs, 200 SEK per hour 375 000 SEK (tax not included)
Weight, interiors included 11 200 kilo
Measurements 6 x 11.5 metres
Engine 140 h.p.
Depth 0.6 metres
Maximal speed 8 knots
Market value 1 200 000 SEK (tax not included)
Hugo Gustavsson’s haulage contractors assist with the launching of the hull on Good Friday 2001 The Raft in Morrums river Aug 04 Cray fishing in Morrums River Aug 04 Table with Pyronobel crayfish All crew onboard Ann Catrine and Annette Annette in the front Johan and Johan Lisa with craymeat Max and Johan Steffen in the front Max and the Protector The new raft left side Nov 04 The new raft right side Nov 04 The Raft ready to launch 17 april 05 15.00 The boss Bengan 27 april 05 control distance Lift crew 27 april 05 15.05 Truck driver with 11200 kg 27 april 05 15.30 Very carefully 27 april 05 15.45 Below the deck 27 april 05 Pass the church 27 april 05 16.00 Touchdown lake Orken 27 april 05 17.45 The new raft-house boat 30 april 05 North of Tegelvik, May 27th Kalle W Steffen O North of Tegelvik, May 27th 05 Kalle W North of Tegelvik, May 27th 05 Marcus and Johan W North of Tegelvik, May 27th 05 Kalle W Jonas G North of Tegelvik, May 27th 05 Marcus W wheelhouse Rock Island Lisa and Kalle 18 June 05 Rock Island Mats 18 June 05 Rock Island view 18 June 05 Rock Island fallen tree 18 June 05 Rock Island hot dog grilling 18 June 05 Rock Island to the cliff 18 June 05 Rock Island Daisy 18 June 05 Sailing in the Mörrums river 27 th May 05 Sunset north lake Orken 27 th May 05 Sunset and fire 27 th May 05 Sauna during heating onboard 27 th May 05 Saloon onboard 27 th May 05 Time for dinning 05 Dinning start 05 All guests 05 Goran and Mats 05 Johan and Johan 05 Lisa 05 Marcus 05 Petra and Max 05 Mats 05 Sunset 05 Mats and Max in the Saloon 05 The houseboat New year day 06 The houseboat New year day 06 pic 2 The grill Johan Grill party at sundeck Nice table The Houseboat in haubour Aug 06 Johan and Andera Robin and Petra Aug 06 Cray Fish eating pic 2 Aug 06 Crayfish eating Aug 06 Funny party Aug 06 Funny party pic 2 Aug 06 Colourful sky Sun and water Sunlight to Saloon Crayfish Party aug 07 pic 1 Crayfish Party aug 07 pic 2 Crayfish Party aug 07 pic 3 Crayfish Party aug 07 pic 4 Andrea Johan, Mats and Mickael Lisa, steffen and Marcus Lisa Marcus,Karsten and Rasmus Rasmus and Robin Simon, Mats and Karl Karl Markus Simon Markus, Johan and Mats Crayfish Party aug 07 016 Before start The start Crayfish party 08 013 Crayfish party 08 014 Crayfish party 08 033 Crayfish party 08 012 Crayfish party 08 016 Crayfish party 08 025 P8140009 P8140007 P8140008 P8140010 P8140013