The company sells two different types of pyrotechnics.

Consumer articles with an 18 years-of-age limit

One of the types is consumer articles, fireworks, that anyone can acquire over the age of 18. Examples of this are consumer fireworks that anyone can purchase around New Year at different approved sales points around the country and these are normally used for recreational firings.

154 products liable for permit

The other type of pyrotechnics are products that are liable for permit demanding both an age limit of 18 years and a permit for acquisition and possession of pyrotechnical goods – a permit that is issued by the municipality. You can read more about this on the page Permits and also on the page Courses.

Ordering consumer articles, age limit 18 years

If you are not able to visit us and buy directly from our store it is possible to send pyrotechnical goods as piece transport with the additional dangerous goods service.

The best thing to do is to contact the company per telephone, fax or E-mail. We need your personal data and delivery address and telephone number. When we have this information and you have placed an order, we calculate the order for you and send you what we call, a request for payment. This request for payment also states all costs for fireworks and additional costs. If instead you would prefer to pay by invoice, we will do a credit check and if there are no records of non-payment, we will ship the goods on a 30 days net invoice basis.

Ordering 154 products liable for permit

Before you can send in an order for products that are liable for a permit it is important that we have a copy of your permit in our possession. You can send a copy by post. A digital copy sent by e-mail to info@pyrosmalandskrutbruk.se is also valid. We then save a copy of your permit in our archives during its total period of validity.

If you cannot visit us and purchase directly from our store it is possible to send pyrotechnical goods as piece transport with dangerous goods as an additional service. The best thing to do is to contact the company by telephone, fax or E-mail. We need your personal data/company data and delivery address/invoice address and telephone number. Often it is also good to provide a mobile number for SMS notification of the goods.

Credit customer

An application for 30 days credit can be made to the company with information about personal code number or organization number. A credit investigation is automatically carried out for control by the tax and sheriff authorities.

A credit customer who pays after the due day for payment takes the immediate risk of losing his credit and can be forced to pay in advance on future orders. Be careful with your credit.

State and municipal departments with requisition have general credit. Individuals normally won't receive any credit. This also applies to private firms.

Transport costs

Due to the fact that most deliveries are deliveries of explosive goods, so-called class 1 goods, the goods must be marked and packed according to the dangerous goods regulations in ADR that means that the transport costs in this connection can be burdening.

The lowest transport cost for a package that weighs a maximum of 10 kg is SEK 680 :- excl. VAT. The value of the ordered goods is of course added to this.

Non-explosives, non-dangerous goods

For products that are not considered dangerous goods, the shipping cost is SEK 170 :- plus VAT to anywhere in Sweden if the goods do not weigh more than 3 kg in total. In case the goods weight more, the cost will be higher.


It is perfectly acceptable to collect goods directly from our store. If so, please phone first and tell us so that we can receive you and can check our stock situation.

Returns and duds

If it is a matter of returned goods then they are only accepted in return for destruction and no crediting of goods can be approved except when it is a matter of faulty or unmarketable goods. The reason why we cannot accept returned goods for crediting is that we cannot resell the goods for a second time since we cannot guarantee the marketability of the goods.

Goods that were not suitable in the situation are only accepted in return for free destruction and no crediting is ever possible. It is therefore extra important that you always contact the company before you purchase a larger quantity of products, for example, for a theatre play, otherwise a return for destruction can mean unnecessary costs for you.

Duds are always credited as complaints and are destructed free of charge. The legislation demands that duds shall be returned to the sales point.

More information

Don't hesitate to call us or to send us an e-mail if you have any questions regarding orders or shipping cost.