Fireworks - Art no SL 001

Art no SL 001

Sky Lantern 2 pack

79 SEK (tax not included)
Sky Lantern sixe 70x100 cm bootom ring diameter 35 cm. Chinese construction from famous scientist KONGMING 1700 years ago.
In the past time the Sky lanterns were used as a warning signal then enemy be near and also used as a signal to call back people home again then all were calm again. The Sky lantern today will be used in China for celebaration and it is common no make notes to the Sky lantern before launch with wishes.
The silk paper construction is easy to handle and the wax fuel is also very easy to ignite. In calm wind the Sky lantern will rise approx up to 250 meters altitude.
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Technical specification

Article number SL 001
Product Sky Lantern 2 pack
Proper shipping name SL 001 Sky Lantern
Class No class
UN number
SE number
Net weight explosive
Size product 70x100x35 cm
Packing 2 by 1
Size carton
Size export carton
Weight export carton 8 kg
Net weight, export carton
Safety distance in side
Safety distance in height